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Culture. News. Women. Cats.

I'm an author, freelance writer, & ghostwriter with 15+ years experience.

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Why Are Women's Romantic Histories Used to Dismiss and Demean ...

Why Are Women's Romantic Histories Used to Dismiss ...

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Kathleen Hanna Is My Absolute Favorite Fantasy Best Friend | xoJane

Kathleen Hanna Is My Absolute Favorite Fantasy Best...

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My Life Thus Far, Through 5 Perfumes | xoJane

My Life Thus Far, Through 5 Perfumes | xoJane

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Is The "Manic Pixie Dream Girl" Really Dead?

Some say yes, but I bet she’ll stick around -- if not in name, then in character. At least until Hollywood starts writing better roles for women....

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Why Are We Shocked When Young, Attractive Celebrities Commit ...

Why Are We Shocked When Young, Attractive Celebriti...

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Is Putting Off Motherhood a Big Mistake?

The author of a new book about fertility delivers a hard truth: that biology doesn't always align with our rosy feminist ideals....

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Can A Cat Person Ever Become A Dog Person, And Vice Versa?

I was a die-hard cat person growing up. That is, until my early 30s, when I adopted a dog with a bunch of pretty major issues -- and I Iearned to love her anyway....

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It's Been a Zillion Years, But I Still Miss Summer Camp -- Do You?

I still get nostalgic when I think about my camp days (and in the summertime, those days pop into my head often). Anyone else? Let's swap camp stories!...

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CrossFit Now Offers Classes For Kids As Young As Three -- But Why?

The hardcore workout venue is now offering classes for children. Some experts say it helps fight obesity and promotes healthy habits, but others think it's ridiculous....

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OPEN THREAD: How Old Is Too Old When It Comes To Dressing "Cute"?

Let's talk about clothes, and aging, and cuteness, and sex appeal, and whether we are -- or should be -- tweaking our style as we get older....

Mti0odc1ntm3njcwnzc0odu2 article

Are Women Really Better Writers Than Men?

In a recent poll, 59 percent of people asked said they believe women are, generally, better writers. (We like those people.)...

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I turn to sugar when I’m sad, I turn to sugar when I’m psyched, I turn to sugar when I’m bored. I know using sweets to comfort myself might not be healthy -- I just don't really see a cause for alarm....

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Chronic Skin Issues Suck, But Here's How I Handle Mine

I've had eczema since I was 19. It sucks, and it never seems to go away. But here are a few tips for dealing with an obnoxiously persistent skin condition like mine....

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Vigilante Calling Herself 'Diana the Hunter' Is Killing Men in Juarez, Mexico

In a creepy anonymous note sent to authorities, "Diana" says she shot and killed two male bus drivers in Juarez, Mexico, last week as revenge for the ongoing violence against young women there....

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I'm Obsessed With the Oscar Pistorius Trial

The South African athlete's current murder trial is both captivating and horrifying. Ever been fixated on any trials or criminal cases?...