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I'm an author, freelance writer, & ghostwriter with 15+ years experience.

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Life Itself: Saturday, June 21 at 7:30 p.m. at the National Portrait Gallery. - Washington City Paper

At its heart, Life Itself is a love story—and only partly in the traditional sense. Sure, the film delves into Roger Ebert’s sweet romance with his wife, Chaz, his...

C4film article

Citizenfour, Reviewed

Laura Poitras' doc about meeting Edward Snowden and revealing the NSA's spying scheme is more riveting than any fictional thriller....

01 alive inside photo courtesy of bond360 article

Music Therapy Works for Alzheimer’s Patients in Alive Inside

We don’t die. That’s what we like to tell ourselves, anyway. We don’t get old, we don’t get sick, we don’t forget, and we certainly never die. In the mirror, on the scale, at the doctor’s office, standing half-naked and vulnerable in a bathing suit at the beach—we’re constantly confronted...