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Culture. News. Women. Cats.

I'm an author, freelance writer, & ghostwriter with 15+ years experience.

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The Huffington Post

Madonna Saved Me From Choosing the Wrong Guy

I should have known we weren't meant to be. Why? Because he never liked Madonna....

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The Huffington Post

Apocalypse... Soon? The Gender Gap in Apoca-Lit

Could women really be less interested in the seemingly universal (and universally terrifying) theme of the world's end? Doubtful. So why aren't there more women-penned apocalyptic cultural offerings out there?...

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The Huffington Post

The Diary of a Sugar Addict in Detox

By the end of the day I feel squishy and repulsed at myself, but I give myself a pat on the back for not eating any of the refined white stuff. Sure, dried-fruit sugar is still sugar, but it's, like, from fruit. That's got to count for something, doesn't it?...

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The Huffington Post

What It's Really Like To Move Back In With Your Parents

Over the past few years, the percentage of 25-to-34-year-old Americans living with their parents has been at a record high of nearly 15 percent. Though this type of arrangement is certainly easier on the wallet, it can wreak havoc on a young adult's self-image....

The Huffington Post

Jillian Lauren

Jillian Lauren | Posted 01.17.2015 | Parents. Read More: Jillian Lauren, National Adoption Month, Laura Barcella, New York Times, Adoption, Parents News ......